Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is SATOKO really a Pretty Pink? Ask Mr. Shoda for the answer. He may know the mystery beyond the mosaic.

The superior internet researchers found possible evidence of extramarital affair of Mr. Kazuhiro Shoda (married), a TV caster with SATOKO yesterday.

Kazuhiro Shoda was persuaded by SATOKO to start his blog. And in his very first entry, he wrote that “….Ms. Satoko Oono who is in front of me cheering me up now (to write a blog)” He implied that he was with SATOKO at the time he was writing the blog. But the time he uploaded the blog was 30 minutes after the midnight.

In addition, in his same entry he posted a picure of his hand and his notebook PC in a dark room. After amazing research ability by 2 channelers, they found out that room “they” were in was a hotel room of Grand Hyatt Roppongi.

So, many might wonder what would Mr. Shoda and SATOKO be doing in a hotel room alone in the midnight? Also in the picture, Mr. Shoda was not wearing his marriage ring which he usually wears when he appears on TV.

His blog was deleted as soon as this issue was brought up in 2 Channel.


1st: picture uploaded in Mr. Shoda's blog. (no ring)

2nd: picture from TV Asahi (with ring)

Friday, May 12, 2006

While Allucher seems to keeps its silence from the general public, they seems to be very busy underwater. Allucher is seems to be pressuring the website which focused on Allucher and SATOKO(lol).

The editor of the website “SATOKO is Pretty Pink” said that he had received an email from his server administrator saying that they have received a claim from someone asking to delete the website. By the way, the "Pretty Pink" came from the title of Anna Suzukawa's pron video "My Vigina is Pretty Pink."
The server administrator asked the editor to solve the matter between the editor and the claimer. But the claimer never sent such request to the editor. Also the editor has been threatened by email by someone. With the help of fellow researchers this threat email has been sent from an internet café in Roppongi. If the editor want to make a case with this matter, he could submit the information to the police and be able to identify the person who sent the threat emails.

It is clear now that “someone” want to stop this. There are someone who want 2 Channel to stop digging up the dust of Allucher and SATOKO(lol).

Friday, April 28, 2006

Not many people are able to heal the wound so quickly when something he/she hides in the closet is revealed and put under eyes of the public. Not in the case of Satoko Oono, the most famous celebrity, the diva, now in cyber space.

She was recently introduced in women’s magazine “25ans” as the president of “PR” company (but strangely, name of the company is not mentioned) and named herself as “SATOKO,” not surname just “SATOKO.” Many are dazed and confused why Satoko Oono is calling herself as “SATOKO” and why she is a president of “PR” company instead of marketing and research company like she said in the company profile of Allucher.

In the magazine, her career was moderated even though her background is known by many people. In the magazine, she started her company from scratch “independently by persuading the investors in 2003.” The truth is she started company by using the “internal venture system” while she was an employee of NTT Docomo in 2004. In 25ans, “SATOKO” and her company helped the promotion for the cosmetics sold in the convenience stores. But this promotion was done by the other company she registered as a member of interest group while she was in a high school.

Is “SATOKO” trying to wear a new persona? Is “SATOKO” trying to start a new carrer as “PR” company president?

We still need to keep an eye on her.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The most notorious architect in Japan, Hidetsugu Aneha was arrested finally for lending his name to the other unqualified architect. Aneha admitted that he knowingly designed less earthquake resistant high-rise buildings than the law requires and fabricated such datas to receive government approval.

Aneha didn’t acted alone in this scam but many others are involved. 8 people including Aneha was arrested today.

Aneha was not only covering up the architectural data but also he was covering up a part of his body. Many critics pointed out this doubt for a long time but the secret was finally revealed. As the picture shows, he was wearing a hair piece when he was summoned to the congressmen’s committee and many other interviews by media.

“At least the part of the bold truth was revealed today.” A woman who watched the TV said.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The search for the truth of Satoko Oono and Allucher still continues, some 2 channlers say. As Allucher and Oono remain silent from the public, many fringe speculations are emerging from voluntary investigations.

Allucher’s company website is still “under maintenance” and expected to be open again in late May. Some people who contacted NTT Docomo through investor’s relations say Oono is likely to leave Allucher and Allucher will change their name and start as a new company. No such information is released from NTT Docomo yet.

As the search for truth continues, many speculations about Allucher and Oono are presented. Some even speculated in 2 channel Oono’s possible relation with Yakuza or Korean mafias. In Oono’s blog, she attended many parties with so calles “Hills-zoku,” rich IT elites who have offices in Ropongi Hills. Oono’s boyfriend was also one of the Hills-zokus. He also closed this blog as soon as Allucher gathered eye of many curious even though his business has nothing to do with Allucher. Nobody is certain the reason why he had to close his blog.

Many people think such parties are held for Hills-Zoku to find sex partners for them. Therefore, they hire some recruiting women to attract as many women who dream to be a wife of rich IT president as possible. Oono and Allucherina maybe worked to play such role. This is just what people in 2 channel speculate and no such evidences are presented at anywhere.

Some are trying to calm down those of who make wild speculation about Allucher and Oono and suggest that they should wait until Allucher’s website back in operation.

No matter what the truth is, they heat is still on after two weeks and watchers are still desperate for new information.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Alleged scandalous past of celebrity female president is still in question by many internet watchers. Japanese telecom giant’s subsidiary, Allucher is still remain silent for this matter.

Over a week has passed since Satoko Oono, president of Allucher, was suspected of performing cheerleading to "cheer-up" male genital in porn film when she was in the college.

The reporter tried to reach Allucher for comments but nobody from the Allucher’s office answered the phone.

There are some speculations and supposed internal leakage of information but nothing is certain yet, despite of the effort made by many volunteers. Their investigation is turning from cyber world search to real life investigation. Many are making calls to NTT Docomo and Allucher. The volunteer are continuing their work to reveal the truth about Allucher and Oono.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Korean military is at high alert against two Japanese survey ships which have no weapons on board. Today long territorial dispute between Japan and Korea over a small islets on Sea of Japan reached its peak.

Last week, Japanese government decided to conduct a survey around the area of Takeshima, islets on Sea of Japan, in order to update a nautical chart. Korean government, who is claiming the possession of Takeshima, protested to this decision. Some Korean officials are threatening to arrest the Japanese survey ships as soon as they enter their conended EEZ. The departure of the ships were put on hold because of bad weather in Sea of Japan.

Korean President, Roh Moo Hyun called for emergency cabinet meeting and decided to play the hardball against Japanese survey ships. Korean public are also reacting furiously against Japanese move. About 140 protesters protested in Seoul and burned Japanese Flag and beat up the picture of Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. For unpopular Korean President this might be a chance to raise his popularity rating since they will have an election in the end of May.

Japanese officials stated there is no problem with Japanese survey ships doing survey within the Japanese EEZ and asked Korean government to react “rationally.” Japanese government offered Koreans to stop their move to propose new Korean name for oceanic terrain in international geographical conference in Germany which will be held in June. Korean refused this offer and threatened to capture the ships if they reached close to Takeshima. Japan is still seeking diplomatic solution and unofficially sent high ranking officials to Korea.

Takeshima, small islets on Sea of Japan has long been illegally occupied by Koreans for over 50 years even though the islets are internationally recognized as Japanese territory since 1905. Koreans took over Takeshima after the World War II when Allied forces take away the Japan’s claim for these islets. However, after the peace treaty was ratified between Japanese Government and Ally, all the island including Takeshima came back to Japan. However, Koreans refused to remove from the island and stationed police force (not military) and built heliport to establish an accomplished fact. Since then, many Japanese fishing ships are captured and crews are killed.

Japan has been asking Korean government to solve this matter in International Court of Justice but Korea refuses to solve this matter legally.